Another common scenario for entering into a matrimonial real estate contract would be if you have children from a previous relationship. With a marriage agreement, you can allocate the property you want to go to your children after their death. Similarly, by protecting your wealth, if you divorce, you can ensure that your inheritance is given to your children and not divided into half of the divorce. A matrimonial real estate contract (often called „pre-nuptial“ or „post-nuptial“) allows a couple to determine for themselves how Wisconsin`s matrimonial property system is applied to them. For example, a couple may execute a full marital real estate contract that, at the time of marriage, classifies each spouse`s entire estate as the individual property of each spouse. Yes, yes. During a marriage, individual and marital property may be confused. The law assumes that this mixed property is entirely marital property, unless the records prove that a portion is individual property. They should designate the beneficiaries of life insurance and deferred retirement benefits. These assets can then go directly to your beneficiaries and not by will e.A. If, in the case of life insurance, you cite someone other than your spouse as a beneficiary, your spouse may continue to be entitled to a portion of the death benefit. If you would like to name children from a marriage other than life insurance beneficiaries, please note.

One of the most popular reasons to enter into a matrimonial real estate contract is that you enter into marriage with important assets such as investment, real estate or pension accounts. If you divorce, you can determine in advance what assets and debts will be allocated to you at the time of the divorce, instead of relying on marital law. If you have passed away, you can determine what property you want to go to other than your spouse, such as parents, siblings or other relatives. Yes, but it would be considered a post-uptial agreement, since the agreement is made in contemplation of the continuation of marriage, and no longer in the idea of getting married. A marital property contract allows you to either opt for matrimonial law or withdraw from marital law. Whether both are a smart tactic depends on factors such as your tax situation and the need for estate planning. A lawyer can help you sort out the best options and also design the agreement. Or you can use the legal provisions of the form. One way or another, the agreement must be written and both spouses must sign it voluntarily and with sufficient knowledge of the financial situation of the spouses.