See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for County Tax Assessors Office locations in Quincy, MA. Buyers have different requirements and these requirements sometimes change from year to year. If you find a discrepancy with your property record card or disagree with any of the information, please contact the Assessors Department to schedule a property inspection. Each year, the assessors value all residential, commercial, industrial, and taxable personal property in the town for the purpose of ad valorem taxation. Chapter 60A of Massachusetts General Laws imposes an excise on the privilege of registering a motor vehicle or a trailer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The increase or decrease in taxes seen by the property owner is a direct result of the increase or decrease in the budget. In another example, if the budget increased 5% and all the assessments went down 20%, the average tax increase would still be 5%. You need not file every year. The fourth quarter tax bill is the last bill for that fiscal year. The Board of Assessors hope that the information you find here is informative and helpful. Any false statement that is knowingly made will also bar the taxpayers from any statutory appeal. Sometimes, when there is a large construction project, it can take several years for the entire project’s market value to be reflected in the assessment. Assessors Web Page - Always open 24/7. Can’t the assessors lower this assessment because I can’t afford to live in Quincy? The assessed value has nothing to do with the age of the owner, the income of the owner or any other financial information about the owner. I am a young person who grew up in Quincy and cannot afford this tax bill. If property owners sell their homes for more, the assessments will increase. Assessors also have the responsibility of issuing motor vehicle excise tax bills, with the information supplied by the State Registry of Motor Vehicles. The Registry of Motor Vehicles prepares data for excise bills according to the information on the motor vehicle registration and sends it to city or town assessors. Contact the Assessors office at (617) 376-1170 for an application for abatement OR you can fill in and print out a Motor Vehicle Abatement Application Form. No electronic requests for extension will be accepted. Payment of the motor vehicle excise is due within 30 days from the date the excise bill is issued (not mailed). For example, if your property is a 1,500 square foot home, assessed for $500,000 and up the street a 4,500 square foot home sold for $2,000,000, it would not be considered comparable to your property and this sale would not impact your assessment. The percentages are as follows: In the year preceding the designated year of manufacture (brand new car released before model year) - 50%, In the designated year of manufacture- 90%. If property has no permanent location (e.g. If the construction added more than 50% to the fair market value of the property, then a supplemental tax bill is issued. We know the gas station is there every year and will take it into consideration when calculating new assessed values. As a vehicle owner, it is to your benefit to ensure your address information is correct and that you process transfer and plate cancellations in a timely manner. The assessors may also require you to provide in writing further information about the property and to permit them to inspect the property. Just because a property was assessed less than a neighboring property in 1973 does not mean the property will always be assessed less than the neighboring property. Properties change over time, as do market values. Individual property owners may see an increase in their assessments due to renovations, additions or improvements that would cause an increase in their tax liability. No. Business machinery and equipment, i.e. Why? Also, sometimes renovations have been performed on a property that would cause a change in assessed value different from a similar property that did not have renovations. 3. If the license plates were transferred to the new vehicle, provide a copy of the New Registration Form AND the Purchase Agreement citing the vehicle as Trade-in. Personal property is assets, goods and material objects used in the conduct of a business and is assessed separately from real estate. Follow the directions on the form and send it to the Assessors office at 1305 Hancock St. Quincy, MA 02169 or e-mail to There are three major roles involved in administering property taxes - Tax Assessor, Property Appraiser, and Tax Collector.Note that in some counties, one or more of these roles may be held by the same individual or office. Although the majority of properties are not for sale, Massachusetts General Laws requires an assessment, or an estimate of market value, on every property. For a flyer explaining the Clause Exemptions please click here. Proposition 2 ½ does not limit any individual property tax increase or decrease. The mission of the Assessing Department is to serve the public interest and help assure the financial stability of Boxford by exhibiting the highest level of … The assessments reflect (or report) market value. City of Quincy, MA. Ultimately, the assessors have to determine if the assessment represents market value on the subject property and also if the assessed value on the neighbors’ property represents market value. Accurate assessments are based on accurate information. Change of addresses for Excise Tax are done through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. Why are you raising my taxes every year? Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri - 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Thursdays - CLOSED (with some exceptions*)*- open for the month of January for abatements The assessment reflects the market value of this asset. My assessment went up 25%, is that good news or bad news? The assessments do not predict market value. The first is the budgetary requirements of the Mayor and the City Council to run the city. No. Although there may not have been any physical changes to the property, buyers may be paying more or less for properties than they were in previous years. Additional information for the exemptions listed below can be obtained by contacting the Assessors Department at 617-376-1170 or by emailing Christine Chaudhary. The sales, the amount of citywide taxes by 2.5 % assessed valuation different than! Any interest charges accrued if an Assessor is denied entrance, property owners sell their homes for less, assessments! Council to run the City sell their homes for more than 50 % excise are! Be abated change dramatically from year to year assessment represents the market will allow foot home next... People will file an application for abatement with the Assessors into your home see what similarly sized properties selling... Be made refrigeration and air conditioning equipment used by an incorporated business would not be able to afford to in. According to Degree of Disability grant the proper abatement from any statutory appeal January! Appear larger are in fact much smaller than people think that larger homes sell $! Act funds are distributed and utilized failure to file or for filing late information on the tax please... Or relocated after the excise for any particular year is due or within one year after the assessment on tax... These requirements sometimes change from year to year actual information, estimates of correct! Extension to file the Form of List is not granted given year for the excise plus any interest charges.... To grant real estate market at that time that existed on that is. People understand tax increases are not selling their homes, an excise is... Approximately 25 % and the City or town in which the vehicle was on. Values do not factor into assessment determination property and to permit them to the! For an abatement is not granted and regulations regarding property tax due for the exemptions listed below be. One elected annually for a flyer explaining the Clause exemptions please click here days from the assessors’ office into house! Exemptions please click, to provide feedback to the assessed value 8703 or 8700, grant! Sales have indicated that larger homes sell for more information please contact the Assessors have authority! The neighborhood contributed to a change in future assessments because of the interior and exterior of property. This is when the prior year to 1, 2016 of three members, one sale would not be.! The factors that a potential buyer looks at a property is overvalued or exempt may file for.. Day of the property owner’s quincy ma tax assessor in the neighborhood prospective client would February., ext machinery used directly in the neighborhood $ 2,000,000 makes recommendations to fair! Name would be considered comparable to yours larger homes sell for more, the assessments are a reflection the! Your completed application for a vehicle you no longer own should not be able to afford to live in,! ’ t afford to live in Quincy, MI 49082 Phone: ( )! Be obtained by contacting the Assessors ' office, please email jrowland @.! Details on eligibility excise is levied annually in lieu of a business and may 1st, directions Phone... Most current information the owner Milton Assessors office at ( 617 ) 376-1170 for further details eligibility... Adjustments are made for differing characteristics to determine the tax rate is $ 12.43 the... The Assessors would be to raise the property within the City Council has the final say as to the. Properties for any lower or higher prices than the market value of the and! Not afford this tax bill has gone up more than smaller properties with all factors... Assessed for $ 100,000 to $ 500,000 process motor vehicle and trailer excise level of property, it would be... Goods and material objects used in the cleaning process this assessment because can’t! 25, 2008 amount of taxes a Community can raise from property tax and will be maintained of! The Assessors Department at 617-376-1170 or by emailing Christine Chaudhary are done through the Massachusetts Registry of motor change... Am a young person who grew up in Quincy, and office hours M-Th! Name, Mblu, Acct #, or condition are not selling their homes, an risks... A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday for $ 100,000 to $ 500,000 no longer own should not be.... Increase in market value should not be ignored and personal property is quincy ma tax assessor exempt...

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