2.4 Basement: The basement has two smaller rooms, the library and meditation room, suitable for small groups or tips; and a large training hall of about 420m2. 1.1 Compensation from the hotel company. In exchange for the NHD service provided here, the hotel pays a 10% commission on all rooms booked through the NHD app, based on the price shown on the inventory portal. NHD is responsible for the recovery of payment by the customer, including all commissions, applicable government tax rates, occupancy rates and transaction usage fees deducted from the gross sale prior to the financing of the hotel cheque. Rental hours range from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.; Before 5:30 p.m., rooms can be booked in several times of 30 minutes, after which rooms are reserved for only half an hour and a maximum of 60 minutes. The City Hall Reservation Administrator has the right, on behalf of the administrators, to refuse any reservation for any reason, including concern about possible noise levels and other nuisances, especially for neighbours. In this context, it is unlikely that the lobby will accept reservations for teenagers and young adults. The booking is made for a certain date and a specific activity agreed with the Trust. All waivers are considered a new booking and must have our prior consent.

The Trust reserves the right to transfer a reservation to another room of similar size. a) Generality: The room rental company is responsible for its own behaviour as well as the behaviour of its guests at all times. This also includes the area at the door of the building. 1) Note: If you book an S-À-1 consultation room, you should also contact the front desk to book large or medium rooms for group work, which may be billed or debited from personal online accounts. Bookings for one to one consultation can only be booked one week before the date in rooms 11 and 12 after 5.30pm. 2.6 NHD informs you when booking un cancelled policies and non-refundable policies. Confirmation by the customer is required during the booking process before the final sale is completed. A form that can be used by moteliers as a booking form that can be filled out by their customers. It has basic information, the type of booking and accommodation sections, the number of rooms to book and the number of adults and children staying with check-in and check-out section and comment section for additional instructions from your guests.

This hotel access form consists of fields where customer information, reception details, arrival and check-out, hotel services, total amount and payment method are requested. The details of the hotel service indicate the room number, the number of nights, the price per night and the amount. The Receiving Number field is the „single ID“ widget. It automatically generates a unique value for each deposit. The form also contains several conditions that multiply the number of column nights by the column price per night.