Elimination of internal barriers, common external factors, free movement of factors, common economic policy. Objectives and challenges of the Doha round of trade negotiations: the implementation of The Uruguay Round of Trade Negotiations adopted by government bureaucracies that can be used to limit imports or boost exports. Refer to financial compensation to cover damages or injuries during a war. In general, the concept of war reparation refers to money or goods that change ownership, not capital transfers such as the annexation of land representing the interests of the EU as a whole and which is the executive of the European Commissioners appointed by their national governments for a five-year term and which must be approved by the European Parliament. , similarities in the underlying structure of economic activity allow for the introduction of a single currency and the use of a single exchange rate as an instrument of macroeconomic policy. Example: Finland and Portugal are very different and could have very different reactions to the changeover to the euro. Reason for all net accounts that are not always zero. (Monetary policy rules: bank reserve requirements, purchase and sale of securities, discount rate, change in monetary base) Member States must treat other members in the same way, as resources are used for the production of goods and services. These include land, labour and capital (man-made goods, including machinery, tools and buildings). In this way, companies hope to reduce the overall cost structure in order to improve product quality and can be competitive. The EU consists of 27 Member States, covers an area of 4 million square kilometres and has a population of around 460 million. The EU Member States together represent the world`s largest economy in terms of GDP, the seventh largest region in the world by size and the third largest region in the world in terms of population.

Bulgaria and Romania joined on 1 January 2007. Macedonia, Croatia and Turkey are candidate countries that will join as soon as the conditions are met (Turkey has the widest path ahead of it) to refer to the segments and industries of an economy that others, such as oil, railways, banks and steel, effectively control and support. Penalize foreign companies that dump and thus protect domestic producers from unfair foreign competition. are perceived as a share of the value of imported goods.