Towards the end of the loan, arrange for the return of the objects. Confirm the packaging, transportation and receipt agreements agreed with the lender. If the loan dates are changed, consult the lender as soon as possible before the loan is returned early. Your policy credits should be determined on when your museum could borrow items and how all proposed credits should be approved internally before approaching potential lenders. The Collections Trust site contains links to some examples of loan contracts. These agreements generally include: C. OUTGOING LOANS 1.“ RESPONSIBLE PARTIES a. „The authority to approve an expiring loan rests with the appropriate trustee. b.““ „The collection manager, in agreement with the curator, is responsible for communicating with the requesting organization, preparing and maintaining all loan securities, and tracking the transaction on the loan period. c.“ „The power to recall the loan before the deadline is the responsibility of the board of directors or the director of the museum. d.“ “ „If a loan requested requires unusual restrictions, the curator, in agreement with the museum director, will approve or negotiate these conditions and will be held responsible for their implementation.

2. “ „OUTGOING LOAN CRITERIA a.“ „The museum assigns objects to qualified or not-for-profit institutions for scientific research and exhibition, subject to policies and practices within each collection. b.““ „The museum does not lend its collections to private or entrepreneurial institutions, except for educational purposes of public benefit. c.“ „The items requested for the loan must be physically able to withstand packaging, travel, additional handling and climate change. Assets that do not meet this standard should not be approved for a credit unless the loan agreement applies to specific conditions. d. “ Outgoing loans will be for a period of one year, unless otherwise stated. The loan can be renewed with the written permission of the curator before the return date. e.“ „UAMN may require, before approving an outgoing loan, that an approved facility report be completed or recorded in the file. f.““ „The lending institution does not transfer objects of possession, repair, cleaning, modification or restoration that it has received on loan without the explicit written consent of the competent trustee.

Derogations from written permission to clean or modify may vary depending on the collection.