After an unprecedented vote on 4 December 2018, MEPs ruled that the UK government was not respecting Parliament because it refused to give Parliament full legal advice on the consequences of its proposed withdrawal terms. [29] The focus of the consultation was on the legal effect of the „backstop“ agreement for Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom with regard to the CUSTOMS border between the EU and the United Kingdom and its impact on the Good Friday agreement that led to the end of the unrest in Northern Ireland, including whether , according to the proposals, the UK would be certain that it would be able to leave the EU in a practical sense. The agreement establishes the principle of the free movement of people between the territory of the European Community (now the EU) and that of Switzerland. Winston Churchill proposed the agreement that the United Kingdom and the USSR agreed to divide Europe into spheres of influence, one country being „predominant“ in one area and the other „predominant“ in another. [4] Churchill harboured at least part of the substance of the agreement the hope that the British could land in Yugoslavia and cross the Ljubljana breach, which would require cooperation with the Red Army, which had already entered Yugoslavia. [34] Moreover, Churchill`s interest in removing EAM from power interested him in persuading Stalin, whose support for the EAM was so far largely rhetorical, to abandon EAM, because he did not want the disagreements over Greece to be the occasion for an Anglo-Soviet struggle in the Balkans. [25] In the British transcript of the conversations, Churchill`s main concern was that the imminent prospect of civil war in Greece could be at the root of an Anglo-Soviet war in which the Soviets supported the EAM and the British. [52] After the discussion on Poland, Churchill stated that Romania was „a Russian affair“ and that the ceasefire between the Soviet Republic and Romania was „reasonable and showed a great deal of state art in the interest of general peace in the future“. [53] Churchill went on to say that „Britain must be the first Mediterranean power,“ which requires having Greece in the British sphere of influence. [53] Stalin expressed some sympathy for the British who, for much of world War II, were unable to use the Mediterranean because of the risk of maritime and air strikes by Axis powers stationed in Italy, forcing the British to supply their troops to Egypt on the long way around the Cape of Good Hope.

[53] An agreement was quickly reached with Greece and Romania, but Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Hungary became more difficult. [54] Morocco wants its interests to be taken into account when other third Mediterranean countries benefit from concessions and benefits under future agreements between these countries and the European Community. The Northern Ireland Protocol, known as the Irish Backstop, was an annex to the November 2018 draft agreement outlining provisions to avoid a hard border in Ireland after the UK`s withdrawal from the European Union.