ARAMARK will inform Sysco thirty (30) days in advance of the implementation of these agreements and any possible changes. Sysco Quality Assurance invites suppliers to list additional best food safety practices in each facility. For example, additional raw material controls, survey requirements that go beyond „robustness,“ will list all validated antimicrobial interventions – the necessary central counterparties and central counterparties with protocol reductions, controls, audits; SPECIFIC COA/Affidavit tracking systems; Monitoring the effectiveness of sanitary facilities and inspection tests; Interventions during the operation Testing finished products Laboratory accreditation, staff training, „unusual event“ decision criteria, etc. 1.Basic fee. For each company or redistribution centre participating in a product recall, a minimum fee of $200 is charged to the supplier. If the royalties calculated below exceed $200, there is no basic tax for that particular operating company or redistribution centre. This Sysco Corporation Liability Management Code applies to all suppliers and suppliers of Sysco Corporation and its operating subsidiaries, companies and associated divisions. It requires that the highest legal, moral and ethical standards be applied in the conduct of Sysco`s business. 12.No retaliation.

Sysco suppliers will implement a retaliatory policy that will allow workers to talk to sysco employees without fear of reprisals from supplier management. Sysco suppliers will look for suppliers who also do not have a retaliatory policy. Component number and supplier number of the operating company (designated by ARAMARK) for payment. When a supplier meets the statutory requirements of Section 1 for staff working in facilities in the United States, it is considered to be compliant with Sections 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, and compliance with those sections is measured by compliance with the legal requirements applicable in the United States with respect to the purpose of these sections. Sysco is committed to independent third-party monitoring of its suppliers. As a condition of its activities with Sysco, a supplier must at all times give Sysco and/or its representatives or agents unlimited access to each of its relevant establishments and registrations, without prior notice to monitor compliance with this code. Sysco and/or its representatives or representatives will comply with the supplier`s appropriate safety rules applicable to presence in the supplier`s plants. 9 – Sysco Proprietary and Confidential – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Hold Harmless Agreement / Certificate of Insurance (HHA / IOC) – Why do I have to inform Sysco of a change of control? Sysco HHA extends to all subsidiaries of the supplier that signs the HHA. When a supplier sells a subsidiary/division, that subsidiary/division is no longer covered by the supplier`s HHA and Sysco must obtain an HHA from the new owner.

If the supplier sells most or all of its assets to another entity, Sysco should purchase HHA from the buyer. 9 To meet the minimum food safety requirements (requirements) for all suppliers of crushed tubular meat and/or veal meat (raw ground product), including, but not limited to, Sysco, Sysco brand, multi-unit account (MUA) and packer label supplier. (ii) at the end of the agreement – with ARAMARK; We value supplier relationships and continually update our skills and resource library to help our supplier partners succeed.