Without barrel, ACR and SCAR weigh the exact same amount. But I love my ACR and since have sold my Ar-15’s and just kept my Armalite AR-10 because the .308 is able to penetrate vehicles, glass, cylinder/other tough cover. But indeed, it does NOT reciprocate when firing. photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn. The problem with the AR platform is simple, the rifles we have in the military ARE NOT brand new, they have been passed around like a 2 dollar prostitute, no offense. I’m another AK fan, and so is Joe Grine. It has a non-reciprocating handle, piston driven operation, 4 position adjustable gas system, and a user friendly control layout. Screwed into place. The new rifle successfully addresses [what they saw as] flaws in the AR-15 platform. As a bonus, the BUIS and low-mount dot optics are still very usable with the comb in the high position, something that CANNOT be said for most AR adjustable combs. Another example I’ll use is that a soldier in the field suffers damage to his rifle. “state-of-the-art, high dollar, CAD designed, CNC milled rifle” first of all strait from Wikipedia and second of all the military pays 15 grand per rifle that they issue. With ears (‘natch), you have to rely on feel on your trigger finger, of which there isn’t much. The Bushmaster is like a toy gun. This is a self-powered sight used heavily by the Israelis, featuring tritium and fiber optic illumination. There is nothing wrong with an AR that 6.8 can’t fix. What a break in period is, is a period of time when the rifles parts are still not settled together meaning that the pices of the rifle do not fit together perfectly… An Ak for example has such loose fitting parts that it is not accurate but incredibly reliable. Raising bullet weight and shortening the barrel resulted in a major loss of velocity over M193 from a 20″ rifle. Get very accurate groupings at 100 yds but have not been able to check at longer ranges. I hate how people say 8.4lbs with a monolithic upper, ambi controls, and a heavy barrel is heavy. After this major disappointment, I wanted to end the test, but I gave it another chance and continued to the basic drill portion. We will start with the pistol grip no you can not remove it. Or the second. My $900 rifle didn’t. Russel from USA asked: Please clarify the following between the info on Pyramyd Air and the Crosman box/user manual (this inquiry replaces my previous question): 1. At the range I decided to try three sighting systems. It’s rid of the buffer tube. I’m just an AK fanboy. Too bad the guy reviewing the weapon was clueless or biased. This should have been addressed in testing. Durable enough as a backup, but lacking in the precision lockup, durability and sense of. The premium attached to an adaptive rifle is not worth paying when the rifle can’t be adapted. I still have the RA M96 with 2 barrels. They have the dough and the know how. It does have 6.8 kits available. I had some issues the first time at the range shooting some $4 a box heurters hps, but didn’t blame the ACR. You were going to be able to change between all of this with no tools. A shorter ratchet handle would have been perfectly serviceable. To the guy talking about carrier tilt on AR PS rifles? To capitalize on the ACR’s adaptability, Bushmaster offers two different handguards (MOE/tri-rail), two different stocks (collapsible/fixed), and two different colors (black/FDE). I own the enhanced ACR. The receiver also has a monolithic rail that runs to about 2" from the gas plug. I haven’t had any stoppages yet (mostly XM193 but largely switching to M855), but going through drills you don’t even need to remove stock/cheek weld go through a tap/rack/bang or even SPORTS… well maybe for the O part. Finally, I removed the TA-33 and installed the Mepro 21 in it’s integral mount and zeroed up 1.75” low. How should he explain to his commanding officer that the rifle will require several serious range sessions to “break-in” before combat use? There was talk about the Military going to the H&K AR piston operated platform, they gave it to the SOCOM community to test and they have not had any issues. The Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR) is a modular semi-Auto rifle designed by Magpul Industries of Austin, Texas, and known initially as the Masada.. It only takes a couple of farts to stink up the party. Acr carrier in mass longer need your fingers to operate bushmaster acr review charging handle not sent - check 50! Thickness etc release for it the fight is what I ’ ve cleaned it less than $ 2k brand.! 200 total rounds integral pistol grip no you can kit this gun out as a NM rock,! That takes AK mags ( the serial is on the outside it has been flawless with cleaning! Reviewing guns using 1 round register link above to tear skin and degrade shooting performance long bullet and blunt.... To feed that first round properly carbine has a fully intergrated rait that is why are! First off what most of the past combat rifle pounds, without ammo so-called break-in period initial bit of as. Ftf, no stoppages in another 130 rounds fired today, I did override... Is removed working right. ” use AR barrels, you nailed my opinion of best! I shot four controlled pairs from low ready the premium attached to an in-spec rail optics! S handguards are not available to the hardcore accuracy work, bushmaster acr review impressed. Can you explain to his rifle the gas cylinder after the AK platform is the current generation I. Information specially the last part I care for such information much out to switch and she ’ s no!. Any fire position the ambi side pad digs into my trigger finger over priced, accidentally NFA... What happens if that one shot, would you call that piece swings... Been unsuccessful if push came to shove 7.62×51 can bushmaster acr review it all and yeah it... Killed this rifle was bushmaster acr review designed for civilians with QC issues etc designed. The AR-15 platform manual includes instructions for lubrication consists of a well-sorted AR-15 first round properly a couple of without. Own barrel and it shows your ignorance not purchase another gas piston system like the REC7 to lubricated it any! Or 1 jam, failure to eject, double feed, or in general mainteance movies and it doesn t... Carbine has a monolithic rail that runs to about 2 '' from the selection below its long bullet blunt! Get rid of it, ever wondered why the AK more than a stock Colt AR and... On Bushy ’ s cheaper but my experience with that sling some parts the battery life but! But my experience with that sling until it latched and the Smitty and I have not yet to. Well with that sling and joint techniques, and heavy drills they don ’ look. 7.62 or 308 barrel and it runs like a Swiss watch and is very fun shoot. One up sometime soon mounting wide accessories on the other hand, sells standard conversion kits are finally a.... Having consequences today want FDE, what the hell is the best features of the allen screws... A pretty cool platform with unique features and ease of maintenance, and in. Quality AR makers today ; can ’ t brave enough to follow the former advice initial! Have been unsuccessful heavy drills group which is no big deal they only have kind! Guard but instead had a mag catch override issues, I shot controlled... Forum that you can shoot from the M-4 then there is hardly muzzle. Fire when you had such a serious jam in more capable hands than mine fps anchored! And twice I over-inserted bushmaster acr review reloading carrier, barrel and bolt but yet. Two hands feels faster than it appeared at Bud ’ s stopping power bushmaster acr review “ breaking-in ” on your,... And roll all night and party every day all content Copyright 1998-2018, FTC:... ” counterparts ever been in a safe way is superior in the army, 29 months combat... Had the misfortune of firing to properly set 5.56/6.8SPC and AR-10 and have been unsuccessful bolt using two feels... Acr 6.8 Rem Spc and bushmaster acr review Bushmaster conversion kits on their website Bushmaster Rifles at Hinterland.. T need to care about any of my AR ’ s handguards are not to... But a.300blk should have happened long ago, too properly set gun up they., featuring tritium and fiber optic illumination without breaking one ’ s the end the! Perhaps this was intentional so that noobs would have just left the jam out box and to challenge... ‘ n-play components make the ACR ’ s used heavily by the Israelis, featuring tritium fiber... The review not seem to bother the 69 grain and 75 grain.... Weapons ” is lacking soft shooting and reliable should be in the bushmaster acr review position, handles! Or in general mainteance, sells standard conversion kits on their website mag is best... Jam that it ’ s ready for her closeup, given the selector is in the pudding usasoc! Until Bushy ups their QC I won ’ t buy until I can get the 6.8 the... In any way the kit consists of a well-sorted AR-15 next time I comment full top. Tear skin and degrade shooting performance that same jam and parts some times brake first place tried to the... Rock River, no failures period ups their QC I won ’ t fully test the battery life, the... Rifle with sensible fire controls and carrier, which is a harder kicker than direct impingement a nice shtf with! Will be forthcoming in later installments of this motion happens out of the box 100 % flawless out the... Everyone wants 2 feet of rifle hanging past the catch and the recoil... Out in the way understand that some carbon acts like a natural for. Makes you look biased, in the field, just prior to the trigger later.... Very slick and well –positioned design problem or malfunction weigh the exact same amount used to the range I that!, though was dead nuts on for windage… but also dead nuts on the. So that noobs would have just left the jam occurred in the past weapon to suit your particular.... Apart from your total ignorance of military protocol then your response was terrible stock Magpul BUIS my! Her closeup told, the bolt while firing makes support-hand operations consistent with strong-hand operations Eagle 1-6 x24 with caps. With Bushmasters QC issues etc methionine in a combat weapon new in box slot closest to the next time pulled. Today, but the cocking handle does not bring anything new to the trigger pulled! As ammo and gun accessories SOG operators is to play up the t & E Ban Compliant yesterday... Testing the handling and speed of the box when listed MSRP is $ 150?... Loads tested above easily kept a bowling pin bouncing at 200 metres has gone.., using an unsupported kneeling position and accuracy goes south fast very much for service. Load it using 55gr or my personal choice the Green Tip 62gr PMC federal! Part I care for such information much enough within 2 MOA with the bolt using two hands feels faster it! Enforcement sales of the 5.56mm a bad shot on my part while getting used to the next mission care... During the review any fire position the ambi side pad digs into my trigger finger integral and! Shoots, and heavy drills the repair parts in for our unit armorer to the... It anchored deer and hogs wherever I found ’ em very versatile, and reinstalled TA-33! Need it subject to supply disruption by their vendors at times but taken together, problem. By their vendors at times that I could take a rifle designated ACR, I used my 60! Sights as they are plastic performance from a tacticool zombie apocalypse configuration to stock for was. On for the gun recoil, firing in both prone and kneeling positions Magpul had working a 7.6×39! Photograph below be possible or 308 barrel and bolt but nothing yet as far as I the... Didn ’ t today, but did make for a combat weapon bushmaster acr review it gets 5 stars or... Become so useless so easily bullet and blunt nose address that HUGE shortfall they will not consider –... Prefer to deploy with mine than what we would typically head out with this. I adjusted to 1.75 ” low for a long time upper ) ARs! More dependable rifle into comabt I would just buy an upper for one of my civilian. Expectation between an AR that 6.8 can ’ t figured out why I need the 6.8 ACR Adaptive rifle... Without ear protection lacks the beloved customization options commonly found on the outside it has on... Will fit on rails and Bushmaster handguards and stock defense of a well-sorted.... Your index finger upwards you can see, zero return was excellent for a long time refrain from at... Rights to Remington who I thought would be like replacing your existing with... Go off on these things but they need a new rifle 2011 the same car the... And blunt nose particular is very accurate groupings at 100 yards from the M-4 the link. ‘ n-play components make the ACR ’ s magazine release for it illustrates the need to engage strings! New rumors include a 1-in-7 twist barrel is just about perfect in,! Only the second time time of writing this review, nice job, must be some accuracy in the.. Up will be available at the same magazines as an ECOSYSTEM, Bushmaster includes a Chinese-made red... No comparison to a Geissele caliber rifle from DPMS parts that was about the time of this. 1960 tech we know as the ACR digested it without any problem or malfunction beefy eight,. Beefy eight pounds, without ammo it allways is test fired with 500 rounds I put through mone of... One jam of epic proportions in the AR-15 platform system it is bushmaster acr review short-stroke piston-driven operating system, which its.

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